How to choose the right blog Theme/Template

How to choose a blog template for business blogging? This is relatively small question for most of us. But I am writing this for a group for people who are new to blogging,some of my friends often ask me that why you choose a very basic template for blogging. This is a meaning ...Read More

Blogger vs WordPress for beginners

Blogger or WordPress which I should use? Which is better?  Which is good for SEO? Etc. These are the some of the few questions coming to a fresh person who planning to blog. If you google Blogger VS WordPress you can get hundreds of articles that clearly tell the difference between Blogger and WordPress. But ...Read More

How to become a Good Blog Writer

You are reading this article because you want be a good blogger for some reason or you want to build a new career as content writer. Content writing was considered as an easy job early days and that was true. There was not enough content on that days and search engines are not smart as ...Read More